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WP: 08, 11
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Uwe PUETTER, Prof. Dr.

Uwe Puetter is Professor at the Department of Public Policy (DPP) and Director of the Center for European Union Research (CEUR). He also holds the Jean Monnet Chair in European Public Policy and Governance awarded by the European Commission. He received his PhD from Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland/UK. Specialising in the area of comparative European politics, international relations and European political economy he carried out the first comprehensive institutional analysis of the so-called Eurogroup - the informal circle of finance ministers coordinating the economic policies of the euro area countries. The main research interests of Uwe are in the fields of European integration studies, comparative European politics and European political economy. He has a particular interest in processes of institutional change in the enlarged European Union. His current research concentrates on the transformation of intergovernmental relations in the European Union after the Maastricht Treaty.