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Addressing Europe’s Multiple Crises: An agenda for economic transformation, solidarity and democracy – EuroMemorandum 2016

The European Economists for an Alternative Economic Policy in Europe (the EuroMemo Group) is a network of European economists committed to promoting full employment with good work, social justice with an eradication of poverty and social exclusion, ecological sustainability, and international solidarity.
The group was founded in 1995, and includes participants from a wide range of European countries. It holds an annual conference and publishes an annual Memorandum which provides a critical analysis of recent developments in the European Union.

The EuroMemorandum 2016, that draws on discussions and papers presented at the 21st Workshop on Alternative Economic Policy in Europe, organised by the EuroMemo Group, from 24-26 September 2015 in Roskilde, Denmark, critically analyses recent economic developments in Europe and emphasises the strong need for an alternative economic policy that is based on the principles of democratic participation, social justice and environmental sustainability.

The EuroMemorandum is available in several European languages and can be downloaded from the EuroMemo Group website.